Helping their clients on the proper interpretation of various legal instruments that determine the standards to be met by taxpayers, covering the direct and indirect taxes, included in the tax jurisdiction of the Union, the States and municipalities, in order to avoid or minimize tax risk as a result of compliance with errors or non-compliance with tax obligations main and auxiliary.


Consists in preparing tax planning, built to meet the need of our customers, covering the taxation on revenues and taxation on profit of companies, seeking in this way reduce the tax burden on the revenues which will result in more competitive prices in the market and reducing the tax burden on profitability increasing the return of the partners and shareholders.

The tax planning here that takes into account not only economic activity practiced in Brazil as well as those initiated or terminated abroad.


It is a simple tool, which consists of a superficial examination of the tax procedures adopted by companies, through their accounting books, outlining a diagnosis that allows their managers to see the company's fiscal health, pointing out possible contingencies or opportunities for tax planning.


Consists in supporting our customers in the most varied activities required by the corporate law, such as: Constitution of companies, preparation of documents necessary for corporate restructuring through merger, acquisition or incorporation. We can also assist our clients in the development of family business succession planning.


Consists of the help and guidance to our clients on various standards issued by regulators of certain activities, such as: financial institutions and other entities authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil; capital market agents and insurance companies. We can also assist our clients in procedures for the establishment and authorization of operation within the framework of the Central Bank of Brazil, of the CVM-Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission and SUSEP – Superintendence of private insurance.


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