This is not the first or the last fiscal war among Brazilian states. Subsidies or surcharges, they compete for the installation of plants, to receive imported goods and passengers up for grabs on their roads instead of cars pass by neighboring states. To avoid such conflict exists Confaz, the Council of Secretaries of Finance in the States, where it is defined, for example, that if a car comes out of a certain state to another buyer, there is a sales tax calculation to divide between the two. Para evitar esses conflitos existe o Confaz, o Conselho das Secretarias de Fazenda nos Estados, onde já se definiu, por exemplo, que se um carro sai de determinado Estado para o comprador de outro, há um cálculo para dividir o ICMS entre os dois.

It is such a way that could be sought in case of VAT on electronic purchase, said Mauler, the Sacha Calmon Misabel Derzou Lawyers. "The world is moving to this new model, and not worth fighting to stay out of it." But it happens that the decisions in Confaz, under the Constitution, can only be taken by consensus among all 27 states.

Cursi, secretary of Mato Grosso, says he has submitted to Confaz standards to resolve the war tax on electronic sales, but failed to gain consensus within the group. In its proposal, it would charge up the roof of the interstate ICMS rate when you cross a border of 7%, then the two states would share the revenue.

Another solution to the dispute would be a reform passed by Congress, or changing the Constitution, or changing the rules of Confaz to facilitate this type of agreement between States. One of the texts dealing with this is Constitutional Amendment Project (SGP) 227, but there seems to be very willing to approve the issue, stalled since 2008. Other actions such as tax reform itself, which draws on the power of states indicate the rates of VAT can also end the war tax. "We are not against e-commerce, which is good for everyone, but the damage at the end of this war is to tax the country, especially more distant regions, who lose jobs and revenue," says Cursi.