The Brazil has one of the heaviest taxes charging in the world and the impact of taxation is present in everything we do. Companies are taxed when buy goods, supplies or services, through indirect taxes, considered as part of its price composition. Companies also are taxed when sell goods or provide services, by federal taxes, State and local taxes on the income generated by these sales. Finally, at the end of the tax year, after accurate of the results the company suffers taxation on profit, through the imposition of direct taxes, levied by the Federal Government.

The formation of the several tax basis of direct and indirect taxes can reduce unnecessarily the profitability of a company, causing his partners and shareholders receive a return on their investments smaller than they could be. This happens when there is not a tax planning to seek a balance between revenue, profitability and taxation.

VALENTIM TAX CONSULTING, was created to offer to the market in General, tax consultancy services with quality. Our mission is to provide itscustomers a clear view of tax effects arising from the activities of each of the links in the economic chain, regardless of the nature of the activities developed by them and make suggestions to the lawful reduction of tax burdens, as well, eliminating the windows of tax contingences founded.

To achieve the goals mentioned above, draw a diagnosis of the company's fiscal health, whereas the tax effects generated throughout its business activity, be it industrial or commercial services and, in respect of taxes, our assessment covers the direct and indirect taxes, tax federal jurisdiction, states or cities.

Our main quality is to align the creativity and business experience to the knowledge of tax laws, national and international, acquired throughout of the career of the members of our team, to the other knowledge of structuring and restructuring of business and tax plans suggest that they are able to bring immediate benefits to taxpayers without exposing them to risk of any kind of tax assessment by tax authorities.

We have as motto; never offer any taxplanning structure that we not would use to our own business. After the advent of Complementary Law 104 of 2001, the care with tax planning took a far greater importance than before, because according to the mentioned legal act, the administrative authority may disregard the acts or legal transactions done, regardless of the form, should it be characterized that its purpose was to conceal the occurrence of fact generator of tribute or nature of the constituent elements of the tax obligation.

This was an attempt to bring to the Brazilian law the principle of substance over form, whereby it does not matter if the legal form adopted is within the precepts of the law or not, what matters is to check if there was the only intention to reduce the tax burden of the taxpayer.

Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary for building a solid tax planning and tailored to meet the need of its customers, without however creating a risk that may bring adverse results of those desired.


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